Logistics is a business, service a passion.

1. Business activities
With our business activities we offer, taking into consideration the interests of our customers, staff and shareholders, high-quality services which both increase the revenue and profits of our company to ensure continued existence and expansion of the company’s assets.

2. Customers
Every customer is important to us. We cultivate trustful and sustainable customer relationships in partnership. With customer-orientated service and quality, we fulfill and exceed the expectations and needs of our customers. We look after their business interests, support them and contribute to their success.

3. Service and quality
We provide customer-orientated service with a high level of quality and efficiency which is subject to constant improvement. We offer this to our customer and also expect it from our service providers and partners.

4. Growth and market
Growth is important to us but it also has to be sustainable. We face up to the challenges of the market and adapt to them.

5. Service providers and suppliers
We have high-level claims to quality, flexibility, efficiency and profitability. This is what we expect of our service providers and suppliers with whom we cultivate fair dealing and open communication in partnership. Their services represent an integrated part of our value added chain and are measured by the same standard with which we measure ourselves.

6. Staff and management
We have responsible, highly qualified, motivated and efficient staff members who enjoy our fullest confidence. Our staff members further develop themselves constantly and meet new challenges. They are customer and team-orientated in their work, show own initiative, deliver high-quality results and contribute decisively to the fulfillment of the company’s goals.

7. Competition
We face up to fair competition and also work with competitors together when this is of use to our customers and the company goal.

8. Environment protection
Our processes are efficient and their influence on the environment is already taken into consideration in planning. We contribute actively to environment protection and encourage it.