HSG Hentschel Speditions GmbH was established by Eckart Hentschel in 1995.

The focus of the company lay on providing logistical services for national and international customers in order to give them the opportunity to concentrate on their core business and development, production and the distribution of products.

As a family company, we are flexible and could thus react quickly to all new customer requirements. This led to a situation where gradually more services were offered to adapt to the customers’ requirements and the market circumstances.

Through our firm commitment to quality, flexibility and customer orientation, we are not seen and estimated by our customers purely as logistics service providers. Rather, we are regarded as a logistics partner which, within the framework of contract logistics, fulfills the most various of activities which extend far beyond the normal logistical activities and processing.

HSG Hentschel Speditions GmbH’s spectrum of services is continuously expanded and improved.