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Eckart Hentschel
Tiziana D'Acunto

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HSG Hentschel-Speditions GmbH presents itself in this Internet presentation ("Website"). For this reason, the site is subject to constant change for updating and improvement of the information and features offered. HSG Hentschel-Speditions GmbH therefore has to reserve the right to carry out modifications or supplements to the web site without previous announcement.
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Limitation of liability
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Inasmuch as HSG Hentschel-Speditions GmbH is liable alongside other joint and several debtors, it shall always only be liable in the second degree on the last place.
HSG Hentschel-Speditions GmbH shall only be liable for the loss of data inasmuch as they were secured at application-adequate intervals at least, however, once daily in machine-readable form.
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